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Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa, Latin America


o Christianity in Southeast Asia: A Bibliographical Guide, by G. H. Anderson, 1966

o Southeast Asia Christianity: John Roxborough

o Indochina1911

o Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

• The South East Asia Journal of Theology (SEAJT) & The East Asia Journal of Theology (EAJT): Cumulative Index
• Association of Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA): A Short Bibliography

o Christian Conference of Asia

o Christianity in Asia: Emory University School of Theology Bibliography

o United Mission to Nepal Archives

o History & Area Studies: Asia: India: Missions & Missionaries

o Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Relations in the Middle East – U. of Pennsylvania

o Asia Society

Pacific Islands

0 Pacific Manuscripts Bureau the most extensive collection of non-government primary documentation on the Pacific Islands


o History & Area Studies: Africa

o Ross Archive of African Images:

The archive is a comprehensive database of more than 5000 images representing the majority of illustrations of figurative African objects published between 1591 and 1920 in books, periodicals, catalogues, newspapers, and other publications

o “African Christianity Rising,” Documentary video

0 Livingstone Diary at UCLA Library

Latin America

o Iglesia Catolica en Chile

o Handbook of Latin American Studies Online

0 Center for Studies on New Religions

♦ Journals
0 Chinese Methodist Mesage (Sarawak Annual Conference, The Methodist Church in Malaysia) Chinese version


Pacific Manuscripts Bureau catalogue