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A List of Chinese Tracts Translated and Published in Korean, 1885-96

o Donald MacGillivray, Descriptive and Classified Missionary Centernary Catalogue of Current Christian Literature, 1907 continuing that of 1901 (Shanghai: Presbyterian Mission Press, 1907)

Inventory of the Harvard-Yenching Collection Protestant Missionary Works in Chinese

이벽 Yi Pyôk, 聖敎要旨 (Essentials of the Holy Teachings), ca 1784, Sections 11-30.

황사영 Hwang Sayông, 帛書 (The Silk Letter)
Alexander Hwang, “The Silk Letter of Alexander Sayong Hwang: Introduction and Abridged Translation.” Missiology: An International Review 37/2 (2009): 165-179.

Bunyan, John. 天路歷程 官話 Tianlu licheng guanhua [The Pilgrim's Progress in Mandarin].Bunyan, John. 天路歷程 官話 Tianlu licheng:guanhua [The Pilgrim’s Progress in Mandarin]. Translated by William Burns. Shanghai: Presbyterian Mission Press, 1852, 1869.

Martin, William A. P. 丁韙良. 天道溯原 Tiandao suyuan. Martin, William A. P. 丁韙良. 天道溯原 Tiandao suyuan. Ningbo 寧波: 華花書局

A Brief History of the American Tract Society, Instituted at Boston, 1814; and its Relations to the American Tract Society at New York, Instituted 1825. Boston: ATS.

Nevius, John L. 天路指南 Tianlu zhinan [Guide to the Heavenly Way]. Shanghai: Presbyterian Mission Press.
The Little Captain. A Temperance Tale. Boston: American Tract Society, 1861.

Martin, W. A. P. 救世要論 Jiushi yaolun [Essentials on Salvation]. Shanghai: ABS.

Nevius, John L. 天牖二光 Tian you er guang [Two Lights from Heaven]. Shanghai : Meihua shuguan美華書館 American Presbyterian Mission Press.

Gentry and People, Bixie jishi 辟邪紀實 [A Record of Facts to Ward off Heterodoxy]. Death Blow to Corrupt Doctrine. trans. by missionaries. Shanghai.

Strong Drink; The Curse and the Cure. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago and Springfield, Mass.: Hubbard Brothers; St. Louis, MO.: N.D. Thompson & Co.; San Francisco, Cal.: A.L. Bancroft & Co.

The Deadly Cigarette. Philadelphia: Tract Association of Friends, 18–?.

The Child’s Paper. New York: American Tract Society.

Bunyan, John. 天路歷程 意譯 Tenro rekitei iyaku [The Pilgrim's Progress]. Bunyan, John. 天路歷程 意譯 Tenro rekitei: iyaku [The Pilgrim’s Progress]. translated by Yosimine, Sato 佐藤喜峰. Tokyo: 十字屋書.

Nevius, John L. 入道初學 Rudao chuxüe []. Shanghai: Meihua shuguan.

Ross, John. 예수셩교문답 (Bible Catechism)

John Ross, 예수셩교누가복음젼셔 (Gospel of Luke). John Ross, 예수셩교누가복음젼셔 (Gospel of Luke). Shenyang: Mungwangsôwôn
          Its appendix: “Explanation of the Names” (강명편)

John, Griffith 楊格非. Dehui rumen 德慧入門. Hankou: Shengjiao shuju.


Annual Report (Tenth Report) of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1888

Nevius, John L. Hengxin shoudao 恒心守道 [Perseverance]. Shanghai: 美華書館.

Annual Report of the Chinese Religious Tract Society, 1889.

Board of Foreign Missions, PCUSA. “Manual of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A,” New York: BFMPCUSA. 1889.

img033 3 Ohlinger, Flanklin. 라병론 (癩病論 Sin Like Leplosy). Seoul: Trilingul Press.

Annual Report of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1890

shangdi John, Griffith 楊格非. Shangdi zhenli上帝真理 Truth Doctrine of God. Hankou: Shengjiao shuju.
1891shangde 2-11891 shangde tr. by H. G. Underwood. Seoul.
1891 repG. John, 勸衆悔改 Repentance. tr. by H. G. Underwood. Seoul.

1891hsm Gosman and Eckabrd, Historical Sketches of the Missions in Japan and Korea under the care of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia. Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church.

Rules and by laws of the Korea Mission (1891)


Blodget, Henry. The Use of Tien Chu for God in Chinese. Shanghai: American Presbyterian Mission Press.

1667Trollope, Mark N. 照萬民光 (Seoul: Anclican Church Press, 1894)

『平壌陥落写真石版画帖』. 東京:報行社.

0 1895 pp 7 heaven 0 pp preface 0 1895 pp coverpp1894 cover 1
Gale, James S. Tyôllo ryôkdyông 텬로력뎡 [The Pilgrim’s Progress]. Seoul: Korean Religious Tract Society. 


Daniel Lyman Gifford, Forward Mission Movement in North Korea. New York: Evangelistic Press, 1897.

Trollope, Mark N. Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium: A Light to Lighten the People (London: Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge). This was an English version of 照萬民光 (Seoul: Angl;ican Church Press, 1894). Later the English edition was translated into Chino, the language of Mashonaland, and published in 1900.

1899 nevius pdmc Nevius, John L. The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches. New York: Board of the Foreign Missions, PCUSA. 3rd edition.
William L. Swallen, 쥬일직히난론 [Keeping the Sabbath]. Seoul.

 1900 kuseron copyKuseron [Savior of the World]. tr. by S. A. Moffett. 1908 kuseron
                            Seoul: Methodist Publishing House. 3rd edition (centennial edition), 15,000 copies; 1908.


Rules and by laws of the Korea Mission (1901)

Annual Report of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1902

sketch km 1900 app Appenzeller, H. G. Sketch of Korea Mission. New York: MEC, 1902.

Directory of Protestant Missionaries in China and Japan for the year 1902. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Daily Press, 1902. pdf

Jones, G. Heber. 국문독본 (First Korean Reader). Seoul: Methodist Publishing House

길선주 Kil Sôn-ju, 해타론 [On Indolence)

 Appenzeller and Jones, The Korea Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church (New York: MEC, 1905).

Hulbert, Homer Bezaleel. A comparative grammar of the Korean language and the Dravidian languages of India. Seoul: Korea Review.


『ろせった丸満韓巡遊紀念写真帖』. 東京:朝日新聞社.

Annual Report of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1906


 W. W. Pinson, Korea, the Miracle of Modern Missions. Uniform Envelop Series. 

 George Heber Jones. Korea; the Land, People, and Customs. NY: MEC.
1907 confessionoffaith 1 Confession of Faith, the Presbyterian Church in Korea.   

McConauhy, David. ed. “The World-call to Men of To-day; addresses and proceedings of the Men’s Missionary Convention, held in Philadelphia, February 11-13, 1908.” New York” BFMPCUSA.
W. E. Towson, Korea For Christ (Nashville, TN: Board of Missions, M. E. Church, South, 1908) 

Merriman C. Harris, Four Years in Japan and Korea (New York : Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1908). 12 pp.
The Quarter Centennial Committee. The Korea Movement: A Spiritual and Financial Help to the Home Church. New York: Missionary Society of the MEC.
—————. Competent witnesses on Korea as a mission field. Statements from twelve men whose prominence and observation qualify them to speak with authority. New York: 1910———-. Korea: Ten Outstanding and Compelling Facts. New York: Missionary Society of the MEC.


———-. Sir Launfal of Korea. New York: Missionary Society of the MEC.

 G. H. Jones. The Korea Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church. New York: MEC, 1910.

William Newton Blair. The Korea Pentecost. New York: Board of Missions of the Presbyterian Church, 1910.

MEC Board of Foreign Missions. The Korea Movement: A Spiritual and Financial Help to the Home Church. New York, 1910.1911
Baird, Annie L. A. Fifty Helps for the beginner in the use of the Korean language. Yokohama : Fukuin Printing Co. 
Annual Report of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1910-19111912
 Henry F. Williams, In the Hermit Land: the Korea Mission of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (Richmond, Va.: Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1912), 31 pages.

1914 catalogue of py cc Catalogue of the Union Christian College and Academy, Pyeng Yang, Korea

Rules and by laws of the Korea Mission (1913)

Jones, G. Heber. The Bible in Korea; or, The transformation of a Nation. New York: American Bible Society.

Annual Report of the Chinese Tract Society, Shanghai 1915-1916

Christian Educational Association of Korea 1915-1916

Rules and by laws of the Korea Mission (1916)


The First Korean Congress, Philadelphia, 1919

Kendall, Carton Waldo, The Truth About Korea. San Francisco:The Korean National Association.

uts 012 copy Korean Provisional Government, “The Korean Independence Movement” (Shanghai: Oriental Press, 1919).

Arthur MacLennan. Japanese Diplomacy and Force in Korea (San Francisco: Korean National Association, May 1, 1919).

The Korean Situation: Authentic accounts of recent events / by eye witnesses; issued by the Commission on Relations with the Orient of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.


Rules and by laws of the Korea Mission (1923)


Addison, James Thayer. Chinese Ancestor Worship: A Study of Its Meaning and Its Relations with Christianity.” The Church Literature Committee of the Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui, 1925.

Wilton, Mary. The Mother of Pyong Yang (Rosetta S. Hall).

Blair, Herbert E. Stewardship in Korea. Seoul: Christian Literature Society of Korea.

1954 s list Korean Bible Society, Price List of Korean Scriptures. Pusan.