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Good sources of images of Korea and Korean Christianity
0 USC International Mission Photography Archives:
0 Pinterest. com Korea 1 2
0 ANU Media Images:

The Sinto Shrine, South Mount, Seoul, 1928
The colonization of Korean people’s spirituality
namsan shrne oakc

The Korea War and Christianity
0 AFAK (Armed Forces Assistance to Korea) a video
0 Koje Island POW Camp and Evangelism, 1951-53 (2013 is the 60th anniversary of the truce)
behind the wire lst for pow outdoor gospel meeting for pow
Harold Voelkel, 1952
  gi powchung yeun hee free on the inside
Pictorial History of the KW, 1954 Chung Yeun-Hee, 2009
1951 6 26 koje pow Sunday worship
♦ Some stories on the Korea War: Novels and Films
Ha Jin, War Trash, 2004
Pae Changho, 흑수선 (Black Narcissus; Last Confession), 2001.
Son Youngmok, 거제도 (Koje Isalnd), 2008.
Chang-rae Lee, The Surrendered. 2010; 생존자 (Korean transaltion, 2013) criticism

Initial Overseas Missions, 1907-1913
  1912 first f missionariesPark Taero, Kim Younghun, Sa Pyongsun
Korean missionaries to Shandong, China, September 1913
sent by the first organized (1912) General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea
1913 4 yi Rev. Yi Kip’ung and family, 1912,
Missionary to Cheju Island from 1907

Bible Translation, 1900-1910
1902 board of translators 1902 Board of Translators of the NT
문경호, 김명준, 정동명, Reynolds, Underwood, Gale, Jones
1904 b of nt1904 Board of Translators of the NT
김정삼, 김명준, 이창직, Reynolds, Underwood, Gale
1910 ot board 1910 Board of Translators of the OT, Chunju
김정삼, 이승두, Reynolds
1911 bible 1911 The First Korean Bible (Old Testament)

Taegu Mission Buidlings
Historic Architecture of Taegu, Marmot Hole, April 23, 2008
tongsan medical m
Medical Mission Museum, Tongsan Hospital, Taegu

Rev. Victor Willington Peters
“Korean Women under the Feet of Crucified Jesus,”1940

christmas seal
Fifth Anniversary of Korean Christmas Seals, 1937

* Missionary cemetries
1. Kwangju, Presbyterian Church in US
2. Ch’ongju, Presbyterian Church in USA

Early Protestant Missionary Photos, Yanghwajin Foreigners and Missionaries Cemetery

Appenzeller and Noble Families Album Series. at Paejae University
pictures at Paejae School HIstory Museum

Sorae Church, 1898
  u sc 1898sorae 1898 uvsc 1898 suh kyongjo family christian family in sorae 1898 s c 1907 sorae c
1 Mr. & Mrs.Underwood’s Trip 2 Church 3 Church 4 Sô Kyôngjo family 5 Kim’s family 6 Church 7 Male members

Central Presbyterian Church, Pyongyang, 장대현교회 1899-1909

  1900 great church1899 py pc 1900 py c py cc 1900 1909 pycc men1909 pycc w

♣ Mission Fields, Presbyterian Church, USA, 1900 pcusa m field 1900

♣1911 World atlas of Christian Missions

; containing a directory of missionary societies, a classified summary of statistics, an index of mission stations, and maps showing the location of mission stations throughout the world, by SVM.

* Comity (Territorial Division among the Presbyterian and Methodist Missions in Korea) 1915 comity mecs doc2 1915 Territory of Methodist E. C, South Comity among Six Missions

♦ USC Mission Photography: Korea, 1920s-30s

♣ Mission Schools in Korea:

* Paejae School: Museum

♦ Pictures of Korea during the Japanese colonial period at 東北芸術工科大学 東北文化研究

♦1954-1967 Seoul, Ch’onggyech’on Slum

North Korean Atlas 조선지도첩, Pyongyang: 1997

Contemporary Churches in Korea

1134 1135

anglicanchurch seoul 1136 20081020204914

Anglican Church in Seoul: Adish

0503031328_02 Tudong Church (L-shaped), Iksan, N. Cholla

kumsan church xlm8nvndgh

금산교회 Kumsan Church, Kimje, N. Cholla more


장석교회 Changseik Presbyterian Church, Seoul