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This virtual archive of Korean Christianity is a home away from home for scholars and students in Korean Christianity. It uses the English language for international readers, which exist not only for the West, but for the East, not only for the North, but also for the South.

It aims to provide people like you, who are interested in the history of Christianity in Korea and its global connections, with primary sources of Korean Christianity, especially documents and images of Protestantism in early modern and colonial Korea. At the same time it introduces contemporary scholarship on the history of Korean Christianity with book reviews, recent articles, and bibliography.

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“Chronology” helps you see important events in the history of Korean Christianity.

“Topical Bibliography” provides not only extensive bibliographies of various topics and issues, but also many recent articles in the form of PDF files or the website of the sources.

“Biographies” covers important figures–Koreans and Missionaries–in the history of Korean Christianity. Some have information and sources about them.

“Recent Books and Articles” introduces recently published books and scholarly journal articles.

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